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Meet the Master | a Pilgrim Center of Hope podcast

Aug 5, 2021

Welcome to Meet the Master; a monthly series by Pilgrim Center of Hope for one and all to encounter Jesus in his words and actions, all for reflection, learning, and inspiration.

This month's Host Nan Balfour, Pilgrim Center of Hope's Events Coordinator, provides several spiritual tools for our journey as we reflect on how Jesus speaks to us. We will also hear about a beautiful experience of God speaking to Nan personally, atop Mount Tabor, while on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

Also, learn more about the virtue of justice.

Download the Reflection Guide with Questions, Quotes & References here, for free!

The official Meet the Master theme song is an original composition by Laura Garza for Pilgrim Center of Hope. All rights reserved.

We are so grateful to our Sponsors who made this podcast possible, the family of Valentin Campos III & Christina Campos.

We look forward to next month’s journey, as we continue to meet the Master. God Bless you.

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