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Meet the Master | a Pilgrim Center of Hope podcast

Mar 4, 2022

Welcome to Meet the Master; a monthly series by Pilgrim Center of Hope for one and all to encounter Jesus in his words and actions, all for reflection, learning, and inspiration.

The theme for this Meet the Master audio retreat is to encounter Jesus of Nazareth in Scripture and answer the question: “What Does Jesus Teach Us About Authority & Our Identity?” Our Host, Angela Sealana, Pilgrim Center of Hope’s Speaker Team Member and Media Coordinator, leads us all on a journey through Scripture, to reflect on this very question.

The official Meet the Master theme song is an original composition by Laura Garza for Pilgrim Center of Hope. All rights reserved.

We especially would like to thank the Marian Center of San Antonio, for sponsoring this episode of Meet the Master! Pilgrim Center of Hope is grateful for all our Missionary of Hope supporters who make possible everything we do.

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